Covid-19 Updates

From Monday 8th March, the Academy will reopen to all pupils.


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Asymptomatic Mass Testing

On 23rd February, the Government issued Operational Guidance to schools recommending that, following pupils’ return to school, they undertake a Covid-19 test twice a week at home, using a Lateral Flow Device.

Lateral Flow Device (LFD) is a rapid test for Covid-19 that gives a result in about 30 minutes. The Academy will provide pupils with LFD test kits.

In terms of administering the test, please watch the following LFD Self-Testing Video. The test is intended to be self-administered, although your child may need adult assistance.

Participation in the programme requires explicit consent from the person being tested, or, if they are under 16, their parent. Any pupil who does not take part in testing will still be able to attend school unless they develop symptoms of Covid-19 or have been identified as a ‘contact’.

Please complete and return the Consent Form to